Provide safe, simple, cost effective, and energy efficient innovative heating solutions to manage temperature of above-ground pools that increases peoples enjoyment.


We do all of this because we also have families that love our pools and want to get the most out of them and that means having the pool water warm and inviting for our families and friends.


Caribbean Heaters is dedicated to providing world class heating products for above-ground pools that leverage proprietary technologies making our heating products first and foremost safe, and also efficient and easy-to-use.  We are committed to providing products that increase the enjoyment of above-ground pool use for home owners across the globe.




What We've Achieved

  • Designed the first ever integrated ultra-sensitive GFCI into an electric pool heater.
  • Built two elegant and powerful heater models that are tailored to suit small and large above-ground pools from hot tubs and spas to larger above-ground pools.
  • Made our products portable so when the swimming season is over, the heater can be stored away easily.
  • Made the heater easy to use for the home owner eliminating the needs for expensive contractors.
  • Included a feature rich controller to ensure you can configure the heater the way you want. 
  • Included special technology to protect the electronics and auto-recover from power outages.
  • Included a simple key pad and backlit LCD display to allow easy user entry, both day and night.
  • Included multiple layers of protection on all heater related electronics, and several other independent protective technologies.